Developments for a better eCAE/eCAD projecting

Our goal is to make solutions for your current and future needs. By our developments we always use latest but proven technologies. Our innovations should work with your support and guarantee your success in competition. Our products will support you in your work and release you from routine work.

Mert Bilgi Islem supports its customers even after the purchase of its high-tech products. Our revolutionary products are accepted by many companies and used. All services are provided to the customer, before and after an investment from one source.

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Our profile

Mert Bilgi Islem was founded in 1994 and since then develops and sells its own software products. Our firm is also proven in economically bad times, and their consistency is always the services to its customers. It is always our goal, the best support to our customers. Our users can rely on our expertise and products to always expect the best technologies.

Our software products for the design of cabinet building and automation projects to increase the quality, efficiency and flexibility of the projects.

Our references are broad and have customers from the automotive supplier industry, chemical industry, cabinet installation, steel industry, glass processing, engineering and other industries. Our clients are small to medium sized businesses as well as large companies. Mert Bilgi Islem with revolutionary developments and technologies of the future with his company.


Our environment

To the ever-renewed IT sector to succeed, companies must be the first bold step, and the right feeling for developing successful innovations. Exploring new markets and new solutions are the basis for the development of the company.

We provide the needs of our user community and our customers even in the heart of our targeted enterprise. Our goal is the development of software applications that enable our clients achieve their goals and to be more successful. We close with our customers a long term partnership and explore their needs in your work design and management.